We take the environment into account

Sustainable travelling

Our Bed & Breakfast is built from the perspective of sustainable travelling.

Built in 1923, the log house in itself is a coal gobbler. Furnishings utilize vintage commodities – only the beds are new.

Natural materials and domestic goods are favored: linen and cotton both in bedding, towels, and napkins. We avoid using plastics and disposable products. We also recycle bottles, cardboard, paper, and batteries!

Groceries are acquired from nearby convenience stores by foot. Breakfast is served individually – each customer is made a personal serving to reduce food waste to a minimum.

All available soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners are kept in refillable pump bottles. When choosing bathroom furniture, we paid attention to low water consumption values.

Cleaning and laundry aim to favor nature friendly materials and methods: We use unscented detergents and nature and laundry friendly laundry vinegar. Instead of using strong chemicals during cleaning, we utilize steam cleaning.

Our Bed & Breakfast is connected to district heating, which is produced from 70% renewable fuels. Electricity usage is fossil-free. Large rooms and the hall have energy-saving air source heat pumps. Lighting is mostly based on led techniques.

Our central location makes it easier to use public transportation. We also loan bikes for customers for moving in the surrounding area.

We are committed to monitoring our energy cost.